Paris Séduction, Merlot rose, IGP Vin de Pays d'Oc, dry, rosé 0.1875L

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Product description

Love in Paris inspired me to create this sweet and fruity wine. The idea of this beautiful wine is born on a small terrace in Paris looking for a wine for love. At sunset the air is full of seduction. Who seduce or who was seduced is ultimately unclear but the small terrace in Paris remains a magical place. A bottle of "Paris seduction" combined with your imagination transforms every location into the magical terrace of Paris, the city of love.
Base Qty
100 Milliliter
71.58 Kilocalorie
Energy (Joule)
299.22 Kilojoule
0 Gram
Saturated Fatty Acids
0 Gram
0.46 Gram
0.46 Gram
0 Gram
0 Gram
Alcohol by Volume
Contains sulphites
Country/Zone of Origin
Tasting Notes
Clear, pale pink colour with raspberry highlights. Very intense nose with candy and red berry notes. A delectable and elegant wine on the palate, a fine balance of freshness and sweetness. Recommendations : This can be enjoyed on its own, as a pre-dinner drink or served with salads, cold cuts and pasta dishes. Serving condition in C° : 6-8°C
Wine Quality
Order Amount
0.19 Liter
Product Length
4.58 Centimeter
Product Width
4.58 Centimeter
Product Height
18.08 Centimeter
Warning Hints
Not recommanded for pregnant women
Net Weight
0.19 Kilogram
Storage Conditions
Store in cool dry place