Pomp Grande Cuvée blanc 0.75 L

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Product description

A full-bodied, elegant blend of 90% Rheingau Riesling sparkling wine and organic champagne-renette. Finest, high-quality Winzersekt is expanded with the rare and noble champagne-renette as "Marriage" and blended with a touch Cassis. A unique cuvee worldwide with the best products directly from the region - for over 200 years.
Alcohol by Volume
Contains sulphites
Country/Zone of Origin
Tasting Notes
Brut yet supple, with wonderful Riesling notes and the characteristic aroma of champagne-reinette. Elegant, full aroma with a multi-facetted bouquet. Not dusty, as it is very low in acid. Harmonious, with a well-balanced mousseux.
Order Amount
0.75 Liter
Product Length
9 Centimeter
Product Width
9 Centimeter
Product Height
31 Centimeter
Warning Hints
Drink responsibly.
Net Weight
0.75 Kilogram
Storage Conditions
Store in a cool dry place