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Informationen zu Rundfahrten am Flughafen Frankfurt

Fluggi Souvenirs

Fluggi soft toy

Soft toy which Looks like the mascott fluggi.


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Gifts for children

Mini book "Fluggi" english

This illustrated book with texts written by Sascha Ehlert recounts an adventure that the Frankfurt Airport mascot, Fluggi, has with escaped zoo animals.


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Informationen über die Besucherterrasse der Flughafen Frankfurt am Main

Veranstaltungen am Flughafen Frankfurt

Fraport Souvenirs

Towel with Departure Time Display print

This soft towel is printed with the departure time display which is located in Terminal 1 since 1972.


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Neck cushion

Inflatable neck cushion with practical cover.


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