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Exclusive champagne or Beluga Vodka. Every connoisseur can find exactly the right beverage at Caviar House and Prunier. Discover the wide-ranging selection and reserve your favorites anytime during the 90 days before your trip!

Champagne AR Lenoble Brut Nature

The goal is to create wines which are precise, vinous and full of character. The wines of Champagne AR Lenoble are recognised for their round and creamy texture, with bubbles perfectly integrated.


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Champagner Krug Grande Cuvée

Champagne has been part of the art of French living for hundred years. It lent its elegance to frivolous 18th century parties, romantic 19th century evenings and was part of the fanciful world of the Belle Époque. Even today it plays a part in all special occasions. Krug Grande Cuvée is the archetype of Krug’s philosophy of craftsmanship and savoir faire: a blend of more than 120 wines from ten or more different years. Its exceptional finesse is the result of a stay of at least another six years in the cellars. Over twenty years are needed to craft each bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée: the first prestige cuvee re-created each year, beyond the very notion of vintage.


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Beluga Vodka Gold Line

Beluga Vodka is the clear leader in the Russian market of premium and super premium vodkas. The brand stands for Russian tradition and quality. Actually there are 4 product ranges - Beluga Vodka Gold Line is the premium range.


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