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Experience the exclusive brands at Caviar House and Prunier and taste the selection of Prunier Caviar, Balik Smoked Salmon and Artzner Foie Gras. Reserve your favorites anytime during the 90 days before your trip!

Balik Overture Pure Classic

Indeed Balik Smoked Salmon is one of the finest smoked salmons of the world. The carefully selected salmon (Salmo salar) is lightly smoked in our traditional smoking kiln. Following smoking, the sides of salmon are trimmed and then manually cut into thin slices.


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Prunier Caviar Malossol

This particular caviar preparation, also known as pure salted, is one of the masterpieces of Prunier caviar preparation. It pays tribute to a time when Prunier would specially produce this caviar with its particular “Beluga” taste for its overseas clients in America and Japan.


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Artzner Goose Foie Gras

The secret behind the success of this handcrafted product of exceptional quality lies in the extremely strict selection of the base products, particularly careful preparation and the use of an entirely unsurpassed composition of 15 herbs and spices. Artzner Goose Foie Gras 200 g is a fully preserved tin and is produced only from the entire goose liver.


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