Questions and Answers concerning the Frankfurt Airport Online Shop

Questions on reserving products and picking them up at the airport

How can I make purchases or reserve items in the Fraport Online Shop?

Place articles that you have chosen from the wide variety of merchandise we offer online in your shopping basket. To reserve them, click on the shopping basket and enter your email address, a valid flight number, and the date of your trip. You can then pick up your products in the indicated shops and pay for them there before heading for the gate.

Do I have to be in possession of a valid boarding pass in order to reserve articles?

Because many of our retailers only have airside shops (i.e. behind the security checks), in many cases you are required to have a valid boarding pass in order to reserve products. The reason is that unless you have a valid boarding pass you may not be able to enter the airside areas and will therefore have no way of collecting ordered items there. The situation is different for retailers that operate shops in the publicly accessible (presecurity) areas. You don't need a valid boarding pass to reserve and pick up merchandise there: Pfüller, Airport Tours & Shop, Samsonite, Porsche Design and Germany´s Best.

How far in advance can I reserve items?

You can reserve articles anytime between 90 days and a few hours before your flight or the pickup date you have specified. It may not be possible to process orders received less than 24 hours before your flight.

Do I have to register in order to reserve articles?

You don't necessarily have to register in order to reserve articles in our marketplace. You can also do so as a guest. However, you enjoy many benefits if you register. For example, you can view your orders in your personal account and create a shopping list. You can also sign up for our Rewards Program and start collecting points that you can redeem for attractive rewards.

Can I pick reserved articles up after landing at Frankfurt Airport?

Currently it is only possible to pick up reserved articles without flying if the shop is located in the public (pre-security) part of the airport.

How many articles can I reserve? Are there any constraints or limitations on purchases of certain kinds of products?

Maximum permitted quantities only apply to duty-free articles; they are checked when you pay at the register.

Please note that you may only take reserved products through the security check if they are not on the list of prohibited items for carry-on baggage.
We also advise you to make sure that the country you are flying to allows them to be imported, for example by contacting a consulate or embassy.

I haven't received confirmation of my registration. What should I do?

Please contact our customer service.

I can't reserve certain articles; when I try, they are automatically moved to my shopping list. Why?

If you are flying from Frankfurt, you may only reserve articles that are available in your departure area or the publicly accessible (pre-security) part of the airport. When arriving by plane or if you are not in possession of a valid boarding pass, you may only purchase articles that are available in the publicly accessible (pre-security) part of the airport. If it isn’t possible for you to reserve articles for the dates you have entered, you can put them in your shopping list for your next reservation.

Why aren't all of the articles in the shop available for my flight?

You must have a boarding pass that gives you access to the part of the terminal where the retailer's shop is located, otherwise you will be unable to pick them up. It may be the case that a retailer only has shops in zones that you can't access with your boarding pass before departing. Because of this, it may not be possible for you to reserve articles from that retailer for the flight you have entered.

When do I get confirmation that I can pick up reserved items?

You are notified as soon as the retailer has assembled the articles you have reserved and taken them to the shop for you to pick them up. This happens about 48 hours before your flight.

How can I contact the retailer about my reservation?

If you have any questions or wish to change your order, please contact our customer service.

I can't complete my order. What should I do?

Make sure that you have entered the correct flight number and date. Please contact our customer service.

Where do I pick up reserved products?

After entering a valid flight number, you can pick up reserved items in the indicated shop in your departure area after clearing the security check. In case you have reserved articles from more than one merchant, please keep in mind that you will have to go to a different pickup location for each one. Depending on the articles involved, you may have to go to pickup locations both in the publicly accessible (pre-security) part of the airport and inside the security (transit) zone. We will send you details on the pickup locations together with the pickup confirmation about 48 hours prior to your flight’s departure time respectively the pickup date you have specified.

What do I need to pick up my articles?

Please print out or make a note of your reservation number. You can find it in the e-mails that we send you to confirm your reservation and to let you know that the merchandise is ready for pickup. You can find them in your customer account and also in the pickup confirmation that we send you by email.

What happens if I fail to pick up some or all of the articles I have reserved?

If you don’t pick up reserved items, the reservations will be automatically cancelled by us free of charge.

Can I send a friend or member of my family to pick up my merchandise?

Someone else can also pick up your merchandise for you by presenting the reservation number.

How long will my order be kept at the shop for pickup?

Reserved articles are kept for you at the designated pickup sites until your flight’s departure time or the pickup date you have specified.

Is there a giftwrapping option?

If you would like articles to be giftwrapped, tell the shop staff when picking them up.

The date of my flight has been changed. What should I do?

If the airline changes the date of your flight or the area you depart from, we will automatically notify the retailer. If the retailer also has a shop in the new departure area, you will be able to pick up your merchandise there as planned. If it is no longer possible for the retailer to get the reserved articles there in time or there is no shop in the new departure area, we will let you know. If you change the date of your flight yourself, please contact our customer service so we can change the product reservations accordingly.

Questions on ordering and home delivery

When may I place orders and what do I need to place an order?

Our shipping service is available only to air passengers. So you may only order articles for shipping if you have purchased a valid ticket for a flight departing from Frankfurt Airport. The destination airport must also be located within the European Union (not including the Canary Islands). In addition, the departure date may not be more than 90 days in the future. You must also be at least 18 years of age. You need the number of your flight. You can find it in your booking confirmation. The flight number consists of a letter code for the airline and two or more digits, e.g. LH10.

What happens if I am flying to a final destination outside the EU but will be changing planes within the EU (e.g. from a feeder flight)?

In this case you may place orders; please enter the number of the flight within the EU in the form.

How much may I order? Are there any limitations?

You may only order quantities that are considered normal for a single household. If you place multiple orders within a period of 30 days, this limit applies to the sum of all orders. Specifically, the rules are as follows:

How often may I place orders?

Provided that you have a valid air ticket, you may place orders as often as you like up until the day of your flight. However, there are restrictions on quantities (see above).

May I place orders for other persons?

No, you may place orders only for your own needs and in your own name.

Do I have to pay any customs duties on ordered articles?

No, the export duties and taxes on all merchandise have already been paid.

Can I purchase something as a guest?

We're sorry but guest purchases are not possible for the home delivery service.

Does my place of residence have to be in Germany?

No, your billing address can be in another country. However, purchases can only be shipped to addresses within Germany for delivery to (for example) a hotel.

Why can't I order an article online that I have seen in your airport shop?

Our online offering may not be identical with the articles that are available at the airport. It is often the case that we offer a bigger selection online for home delivery, for example wines and cosmetics. Conversely, certain articles such as tobacco products and perishable items may not be shipped. Only duty-free articles are available for delivery within Germany.

How and where can I get an invoice as a purchase receipt?

You can find the invoices in your customer account under "My orders".

How much does shipping cost?

Delivery is completely free of charge for you. We cover the price of delivery.

Where can I have orders shipped to? Do you also ship to P.O. boxes and DHL Packstations?

Currently we only ship to addresses within Germany. The invoice address can be different from the delivery address and also be outside Germany. We're sorry, we are unable to ship to P.O. boxes and DHL Packstations.

How long does delivery take?

After an order is placed, it takes about three workdays for it to be delivered.

Can I freely choose the delivery date?

You can request any delivery date you like (except Sundays, Mondays and holidays) between 3 workdays after placing the order and eight weeks after your flight. Orders must be placed before your flight, up to 90 days in advance.

Is there an express service?

We do not currently offer express delivery.

Can I have orders giftwrapped?

We're sorry, at this time we do not offer a giftwrapping service for home delivery orders.

Who delivers the packages?

Our shipments are delivered by DHL.

Why have I received a different article than I ordered?

It can occasionally happen that, for example, wine of a certain vintage is sold out sooner than expected. In cases like this, we deliver the same wine but of the next vintage without consulting you, provided that it is equivalent in terms of the type of wine, price and quality.

How can I return articles?

If you wish to return one or more ordered articles, please go to your customer account, select the articles concerned under "My orders", and then click "Return order". This link will take you to the DHL returns page, where you can generate a return label. Please print it out and attach it to the package. Then take the package to a DHL branch near you. You will not be charged anything. Make sure that the returned merchandise is properly packaged. Please also note that articles may only be returned free of charge within two weeks after you receive them and only if they are in perfect condition, unless they were already damaged or spoiled on arrival.

What do I do if articles are delivered in damaged condition?

If you notice that a package has been damaged, if possible please immediately tell the DHL driver. Otherwise report and return the damaged merchandise as described above. If a bottle has broken, please send us the neck of the bottle with the seal intact.

Questions on payment

What payment options are available to me in the shops?

When picking up reserved products, you can pay with a Maestro debit card, a major credit card, or cash. Depending on the shop, JCB, Union Pay, Alipay and/or Wechat Pay may also be available. Please consult the merchants’ websites for details.

How can I pay online when purchasing items to be delivered?

Currently it is only possible for you to pay with VISA or Mastercard.

When do I pay for reserved items?

You must pay for reserved merchandise when picking them up in the retailer's shop.

What currency do I have to pay in?

The shops in the terminals only accept euros (€). If you pay with a credit card, the euro amount is debited. If it is a foreign credit card, the amount due is converted into the other currency at the going rate.

Questions on discount promotions

How can I redeem coupons and vouchers?

You can redeem valid coupons and vouchers when picking up reserved items in the shops. For technical reasons, at this time it is not yet possible to use coupons and vouchers when reserving them. This means that you can only use them when reserving articles for pickup at the airport and not for products that you want delivered to an address within Germany.

When are reward points credited to my customer account?

Reward points are credited to your customer account when articles are shipped. When picking items up in a shop, the points are credited to your account when you show your card.

Where can I redeem reward points?

You can redeem your reward points for attractive rewards from these partners.

Questions on cancelling orders

How far in advance of my flight can I cancel reserved items?

You may cancel your reservation at any time by contacting our customer service.

What is the deadline for cancelling orders for delivery?

You can cancel an order if it has not yet been prepared for shipping. Please contact our customer service to do so. If it is no longer possible for us to cancel an order, you can return it after it has been delivered.

Can I cancel all or part of my reservation on the spot?

You can also cancel reserved articles at the shop instead of purchasing them. You are of course also welcome to buy other articles there that you have not reserved.

The retailer has canceled my order. What can I do?

It may happen that the products you have reserved are not available on the day of your flight respectively the pickup date you have specified or cannot be provided in time by the retailer because the gate has been moved to another part of the terminal. In these cases, the retailer may cancel your order. You are of course welcome to visit the shop anyway and purchase other products that you haven't reserved. If you have any other questions, please contact our customer service.

Can I return or submit complaints on articles I have already purchased?

Purchased articles are subject to the laws and regulations of Germany. If you have any complaints, please contact the retailer directly.

Questions on logging in and registering for the online shop

How can I register to reserve articles?

To have products delivered to your home or another address within Germany, you must register in the webshop under “Registration”.

Is registration free?

Yes, there is no charge for registering as a customer of our e-shop or for the Rewards Program.

I haven't received a registration e-mail. What do I do now?

Please check to make sure that you have correctly provided your e-mail address. It can take up to several minutes for the registration e-mail to arrive. If the problem persists, please contact our customer service.

What do I do if I have forgotten my access data or entered my password incorrectly?

If you lose or forget your user name or password, you can request a new one by entering the e-mail address you provided when registering. A new password is e-mailed to you. You can change your password whenever you like by going to "Account & access data" in your account Settings.

Questions on accounts

What are the advantages of opening a shop account?

As soon as you have registered in the shop, you can view a list of all of your orders in your customer account and store your delivery address.

I'd like to change my user data. How can I do that?

You can change your user data whenever you like in your account settings (click "My Account").

I want to cancel my account. What do I have to do?

To cancel your account, go to "Account & Access Data".

Questions on the newsletter

How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

Click here to subscribe to the newsletter here. When registering for your user account, you can choose to receive the newsletter by placing a checkmark in the "Information & Offers" box. You can also subscribe to it later in your account settings.

I don't want to receive the newsletter anymore. What should I do?

You can cancel the newsletter in your customer account settings or cancel it by clicking on “unsubscribe” in the last newsletter you received.

Questions on data privacy

How secure are my data?

We are naturally committed to responsibly handling your data. We store captured data on your access to and use of these services in strict compliance with the provisions of the German Data Privacy Law.

How are my personal data used?

Your data are used to process your reservation. If you are a member of Frankfurt Airport Rewards, your data are also used to award and manage reward and status points. If you have given Fraport AG permission to send you additional information, we regularly let you know about promotions and special offers. For more information, please see the data privacy declaration.