Caviar House & Prunier

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Caviar House & Prunier has stood for culinary excellence and extraordinary quality since 1872. Connoisseurs and lovers of the good life all over the world trust in the expertise of this French delicate and fine foods company, which since 1994 has made a name for itself above all with its outstanding caviar and unique Balik smoked salmon, produced in its own facilities. In addition to a range of caviar and Balik salmon varieties, you’ll find many other culinary highlights and an unrivalled selection of premium sandwiches. The unique service provided at Frankfurt Airport deserves special mention: it includes advance ordering by phone or internet before you arrive at the airport, home delivery and to all parts of the airport, and special tastings and other events, as well as practical packaging and great gift ideas.

Means of Payment: Visa, American Express, Euro/Mastercard
Contact: Phone: +49 (0)69 697 - 13022

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Locations at the airport

Location Opening times
Location T2, Area D, Level 3 Mon-Sun 06:00-22:00    
Location T1, Area B, Level 2 Mon-Sun 06:00-22:00    
Location T1, Area A, Level 2 Mon-Sun 06:00-21:30