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If anything is unclear, here’s a list of FAQs:

What is the WhatsApp Newsletter and what does it contain?
Our weekly WhatsApp Newsletter tells you about the latest new products that have been added to our online shop, including special offers and travel editions. Share your favorite product categories with us so you won’t miss anything!

What are travel editions?
Travel editions are products you can only get at the airport. They include special sizes and sets.

What does the Whatsapp Newsletter cost?
Our WhatsApp Newsletter is free. You only pay your Internet provider’s usual fees.

Can anyone else see my mobile number?
No. Your number and your messages are hidden from other users.

What happens with my personal data?
Don’t worry! We comply fully with the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation. MessengerPeople, which we have contracted for this service, also obeys the legal requirements for order processing.

How do I unsubscribe from the WhatsApp Newsletter?
To stop receiving our WhatsApp Newsletter, simply send us the word “stop” in the chat (upper- or lower-case letters, it doesn’t matter).