Sisley Phyto Brow Design 3 in 1 Augenbrauenstift Nr. 3 Braun

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Phyto-Sourcils Design is an eyebrow pencil in 3 parts. It is the professionals’ tool made accessible to all, in unique Sisley packaging: 1- taming brush; 2- triangular tip to precisely redefine, reshape and fill in all types of eyebrows, whether fine or thick; 3- highlighter, to apply under the arch of the eyebrow for perfecting eyebrow make-up and highlighting the eyes. The texture of the tip, gliding and adherent, enables expert application. The make-up result is buildable, from the most natural to the most intense, for a line that can be redefined however you like. The foam coated with a highlighter powder enables the correct amount to be applied under the eyebrow. Phyto-Sourcils Design is rub-proof: the shape of the brows remains impeccable all day long. Enriched with active skin care ingredients (Acacia wax and Camellia oil), it completely respects the delicate nature of the skin. Its tolerance is ophthalmologically tested.
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Avoid eye contact. Keep away from direct heat and sunlight.


No. 3 - Brun
Phyto Brow Design


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