Barbie, barbie® ultimate curls™ doll and playset

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Create gorgeous curled hairstyles for Barbie® doll with Barbie® Ultimate Curls™ playsets. It’s so easy with no-heat tools! There are two ways to curl Barbie® doll’s long blonde hair -- with the curling iron or the curlers, and nothing uses heat. Simply wrap the doll’s hair around the tool, hold and release. Create tight curls, loose waves or leave straight. Additional hair accessories -- hair ties, clips and a headband -- allow even more hairstyling for creative expression and fun. To create a new look, brush through Barbie® doll’s hair and start again. Redo over and over to explore new looks and express your style. Barbie® doll is dressed to play out all kinds of stories in a colorful dress with sheer shoulders, a layered skirt and fun shoes; a golden bangle adds the finishing touch. Young stylists will love reimagining new looks because when a girl plays with Barbie®, she imagines everything she can become!
Net Weight
0.27 千克
Product Length
6.03 厘米
Product Width
22.86 厘米
Product Height
32.39 厘米

Warning Hints

ATTENTION: Not suitable for children under 5 years


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