Terms & Conditions for Use of the Online Retail Platform

1. General Provisions

1.1 The Online Retail Platform (“Frankfurt Airport Online Shopping“) is operated by

Fraport AG

Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide

60547 Frankfurt am Main

2. Subject of the Contract and Scope of Services

2.1 Fraport provides an Online Retail Platform for commerce between sellers and users. Sellers also operate a physical shop at Frankfurt Airport. On behalf of these sellers, Fraport handles the ordering process. Users can use the Online Retail Platform to reserve (ordering option “reserve now”) and/or purchase and request delivery of (ordering option “online purchase and delivery”) products offered by a seller. Fraport handles the ordering and payment processes as well as delivery in connection with the “online purchase and delivery” option.

2.2 The user’s contractual partner for the purchase agreement is the corresponding retailer, and for the delivery agreement it is Fraport. Fraport is not liable for the seller’s contractual performance. In case there are complaints about the seller’s performance, the user must address them to one or both of these parties.

2.3 Use of the Online Retail Platform is free of charge for users. Only natural persons with unlimited legal capacity may purchase products. Users may order the offered products either as guests or as registered customers.

2.4 Fraport plans to operate the Online Retail Platform on a long-term basis. However, the user has no legal claim to future use of it. If Fraport should decide to cease operating the Online Retail Platform, Fraport shall notify the user of this intention in advance

2.5 Fraport reserves the right to change, extend, or reduce the content, structure, and design of the Online Retail Platform within the scope of what is usual practice on the Internet

2.6 Fraport is entitled to temporarily limit the usability of the Online Retail Platform, individual functions thereof, or access to it if there are legal or technical reasons for doing so. In particular, these technical reasons can be, but are not limited to, maintenance work, updating of underlying software, or measures to ensure the security or integrity of the Online Retail Platform.

3. Registration and Opening of a User Account

3.1 Users may open an account by registering for the Online Retail Platform. This is done by performing a registration process on the Online Retail Platform or Fraport APP, which involves correctly entering all requested data in a form, acknowledging these Terms & Conditions of Use, consenting to the data privacy policy, clicking the “open account” button, clicking the confirmation link in the e-mail sent by Fraport, and defining a password in accordance with Fraport’s instructions.

3.2 The user can check his/her entries at any time during the registration process and correct any mistakes right in the corresponding fields.

3.3 After registration has been completed, Fraport opens an account for the user. This gives rise to a contract between the user and Fraport. It is not necessary to explicitly inform the user of this fact.

3.4 After opening the account, Fraport does not store the text of the contract in a form that the user can access.

3.5 If the personal data provided by the user while registering should change, he/she shall inform Fraport of the new data or enter the changes in the account profile without delay.

3.6 The user shall safeguard his/her user name and password to prevent unauthorized access and use by third parties. If there is evidence of illegitimate use of the data by third parties, the user shall notify Fraport immediately. In such a case, Fraport is entitled to block access by the user. Fraport will never phone or e-mail the user asking him/her to divulge his/her password.

3.7 The user is liable for all actions performed via his/her account. Cases of abuse are exempted if the user cannot be held responsible for them.

3.8 The user undertakes to register for and keep only one account with Fraport at the same time. The account is not transferable.

4. Ordering of Products

4.1 The sellers’ offers constitute appeals to users to order products without any obligation for them to do so. All suppliers listed with us are entrepreneurs and not consumers.

4.2 The presentation of the products is carried out according to various parameters. The following factors are taken into account:

  • Sorting based on the user's search input (product title and description, keywords)
  • Alphabetical, numerical or historical sorting
  • Relevance of products
  • Highlighting of certain products (unpaid advertising) (e.g. campaigns/promotions)
  • Semantic affiliation of the products to the search query
  • Product availability
  • Popularity (e.g. click-through rates and purchases)

4.3 To order, the user selects products on the Online Retail Platform by clicking the “Add to cart” button to place them in the shopping cart, then going to the shopping cart and clicking the “Proceed to checkout” button.

4.4 Then the user must indicate whether he/she wishes to make the purchase as a registered customer or as a guest.

  • If the user neither has a customer account nor wishes to create one, he/she selects the option “Shop as a guest”. He/she can then only reserve products for pickup at the airport.
  • If the user has a customer account and is already logged in, his/her flight data are requested in the next step immediately. The flight check requires the user to enter his/her flight data. These are used to determine and display the available delivery options. After choosing an option, the user must decide whether to reserve the selected products non-bindingly or immediately purchase the selected products. In the latter case, he/she must choose a payment option. He/she must click the button “Purchase now” to make a binding offer to acquire the products in the shopping cart and acknowledge both these Terms & Conditions of Use and the seller’s terms and conditions of business.

4.5 Before submitting this offer, the user can check and change the entered data, the mode of payment, and the selected products or abort the purchase by clicking the corresponding buttons (“Change”, “Delete”) or using the “Back” button in his/her Internet browser. The user is also asked to carefully double check his/her entries before submitting the purchase order.

4.6 After the purchase order is submitted, the user receives an e-mail confirmation on behalf of the seller. This is only to inform the user and does not signify acceptance of his/her offer.

4.7 In connection with the ordering option “online purchase and delivery”, a purchase agreement arises between the user and a seller when products are prepared for delivery.

4.8 In connection with the ordering option “reserve now”, ordered products are made available for purchase in the shop at the airport free of charge without any obligation on the part of the user to actually do so. A purchase agreement between the user and seller arises in the shop.

4.9 Purchase orders are limited in size to normal quantities for household use.

4.10 The product illustrations are only approximations and may exhibit colors etc. that deviate from the actual products.

5. Delivery with online purchase, reservation

5. 1 In connection with the ordering option “online purchase and delivery”, selected products are delivered to an address specified by the user. Currently, deliveries are only possible for addresses in Germany.

5.2 In connection with the ordering option “reserve now”, selected products are made available for purchase in the shop at the airport without any obligation on the user’s part to actually do so.

6. Prices and Payment

6.1 All indicated prices include the statutory value-added tax. They are given in euros (€).

6.2 In connection with the ordering option “online purchase and delivery" the user can pay by using credit cards or PayPal. The corresponding invoices may be viewed and downloaded in the customer account.

6.3 In connection with the ordering option “reserve now”, the customer must pay for ordered products when picking them up from the seller’s shop at the airport using one or more of the modes of payment offered by the seller. The customer will receive his/her invoice(s) when picking up his order(s) at the shop(s).

7. Conduct on the Online Retail Platform

7.1 The Online Retail Platform and the underlying database may only be used as intended by Fraport. In particular, the information involved may only be accessed using an Internet browser.

7.2 It is prohibited

a. to evade or disable functions (e.g. search windows) of the website or to otherwise interfere with Fraport’s website and in particular to take any action that could overload the infrastructure of Fraport’s website,

b. to block, overwrite, or modify content generated by Fraport, or

c. to use automated functions (e.g. algorithms or machines) to acquire products.

7.3 It is also prohibited

a. to act fraudulently or deceitfully,

b. to distribute, initiate, or advertise spam, chain letters, or pyramid systems,

c. to collect or in any way obtain and store information of or about other users, and in particular e-mail addresses, without their permission, or

d. to send or make accessible viruses or other harmful software that could impair or damage Fraport’s websites or the computer systems of other users.

8. Consequences of Violations (Constraints / Lockout / Deletion)

If there is concrete evidence of violations of these Terms & Conditions of Use, laws or other legal provisions, or the rights of third parties, Fraport reserves the right

  • to warn the user,
  • to temporarily limit or block the user’s access to the Online Retail Platform, and/or
  • to definitively block the user’s access and delete his/her account if there are important grounds to do so.

9. Intellectual Property

The content (texts, images, graphics, etc.) and information on the Online Retail Platform are the intellectual property of Fraport or the providers. It is prohibited to reproduce, disseminate, otherwise publicize, or process them without the consent of the party that owns the rights. It is only permissible to use this content after obtaining the written consent of Fraport or the provider concerned.

10. Limitation of Liability

10.1 Fraport accepts no liability for the attributes, safety, or legality of products advertised by the providers.

10.2 In cases of intent or gross negligence—irrespective of the legal grounds—Fraport shall be liable for damages.

10.3 In cases of simple negligence, Fraport shall be liable only if a substantive contractual obligation is violated, with this liability being limited to providing compensation for damages that are reasonably foreseeable at the time of concluding the contract. A substantive contractual obligation is one that is essential for achieving the intended purpose of concluding the contract and whose fulfillment may typically be expected.

10.4 The limitation on liability stated in number 10.3 does not apply to damages arising from loss of life, injury, or harm to health. Nor does it apply to malicious suppression of information or to cases in which Fraport has provided a guarantee as an exception, or when claims are based on the German Product Liability Law.

10.5 To the extent that Fraport’s liability is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of its employees, representatives, and agents.

11. Termination of the Utilization Contract

11.1 The user may terminate his/her utilization contract at any time with immediate effect without specifying any reasons.

11.2 Fraport may terminate the utilization contract at any time without specifying any reasons by providing one month’s notice to the end of a month.

11.3 The right of both sides to terminate the contract for good cause remains unaffected.

11.4 After the termination has taken effect, the customer may only view information on unfulfilled orders and unpaid invoices. He/she may not initiate any new transactions. The customer account is deleted as soon as all of the customer’s transactions have been completed. Afterward the user may no longer view any of the purchases he/she has made.

11.5 Notices of termination must be in writing to be effective.

12. Contractual Language and Applicable Law

12.1 The German-language version of this contract is legally binding.

12.2 These Terms & Conditions of Use and all legal relationships between Fraport and the user are exclusively subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding all provisions of international and multinational contract law, and especially those of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

If the user is a consumer in the sense of section 13 of the German Civil Code, the laws of the country in which he/she normally resides shall apply if, and to the extent that, the choice of German law would cause him/her to lose protections that he/she would otherwise be entitled to under the laws of his/her country of residence.

12.3 Currently Fraport is not participating at any procedure for Alternative Dispute Resolution and Online Dispute Resolution, available under https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr.