Amarula Cream Liq.17% 0.5L PET

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Product description

Amarula is a cream liqueur, based on the spirit derived from the Marula – the fruit of the Marula tree. The product contains 17% alcohol and is known for its smooth and rich texture. Amarula is fresh, smooth and well rounded. It has a creamy consistency, with tones of vanilla, caramel and nut in the aroma and taste.
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0.5 l
Country/Zone of Origin
South Africa
With Colorant
GMO Free
Warning Hints
Drink responsibly.
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Tasting Notes

Colour: Light brown to caramel. Taste: Fresh, smooth and well-rounded. Full creamy taste with a nuance of exotic marula fruit in taste and aftertaste. Serving suggestion: Amarula Cream is best served chilled, on the rocks or with crushed ice. It can also be used in cocktails, coffees and desserts. Very mixable.

Nutritional values per 100 ml

1,370 kJ / 326 kcal
13.6 g
20.5 g
thereof Sugar
19.5 g
2.7 g


Net Weight
0.5 kg
Package Height
20 cm
Package Length
8.5 cm
Package Width
5.5 cm


Fresh cream, water, cane sugar, marula distillate, neutral cane spirit, flavouring, colouring E 150d and E 110.


Contains cream and soya lecithin.