Bowmore 10yo 40% 1L

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Product description

Dark & Intense. Bowmore’s 10 years old pushes the boundaries with bold flavour fusions. Spanish oak sherry casks develop spicy notes on our signature peat smoke in an intense marriage of fire and earth. Experience the layered spectrum of baked Seville orange, toasted maple, peat smoked walnuts and sherry.
Net Weight
1 kg
Country/Zone of Origin
United Kingdom
Wine Quality
Order Amount
1 l
Product Length
9.1 cm
Product Width
9.1 cm
Product Height
34.3 cm
Alcohol by Volume

Nutritional values per 100 ml

1,004 kJ / 240 kcal
0 g
thereof Saturated Fatty Acids
0 g
0 g
thereof Sugar
0 g
0 g
0 g

Tasting Notes

Colour: Dark Amber. Nose: Breathe in layers of sun-dried fruit, baked Seville orange and toasted maple. Taste: Sip sultanas, sea-salt and dark fruit oils. Finish: Savour peat-smoked walnut and lingering spices.

Warning Hints

Drink responsibly.