Chupa Chups Pouch Do You Love Me 300g

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Product description

A hand-held bag filled with 25 fruit flavour Chupa Chups lollipops. Every single 3-Dimensional lollipop will answer the question ‘Do You Love Me?’ with the use of various emoticons that are printed on the lollipops. Available in a handy Tear & Reseal bag. Contains lollipops in strawberry, orange and tropical flavour.
Base Qty
100 Gram
388 Kilocalorie
Energy (Joule)
1,649 Kilojoule
0 Gram
Saturated Fatty Acids
0 Gram
96 Gram
83 Gram
0 Gram
0.07 Gram
Order Amount
300 Gram
Product Length
17 Centimeter
Product Width
8 Centimeter
Product Height
29.5 Centimeter
Net Weight
0.3 Kilogram
Storage Conditions
Store in a cool and dry place.