Efe Fresh Grapes Raki 45% 1L

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Efe Fresh Grapes is the first fresh grapes raki of Turkey. The formula is inspired by the remarkable smoothness and fruitiness of fresh grapes alcohol when compared to dry grapes (raisins) alcohol. Raisins had been the main raw material of raki until the launch of Efe Fresh Grapes. In the making of Efe Fresh Grapes, alcohol distilled from select fresh grapes of Aegean Region is re-distilled in copper alembics with aniseeds to a unique recipe.
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Tasting Notes

Efe Fresh Grapes manifests a well noticeable freshness and smoothness among other raki. It's fruity and has a balanced aniseed aroma which can be enjoyed even by the most discerning raki consumer. Efe Fresh Grapes can be enjoyed along with nuts, melon, mezes, and all seafood. According to the tradition, fill 1/3 of your glass with Efe, then add some water and ice cubes. You may garnish with mint leaves for a cool summer twist.

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Fair Trade


Water, fresh grape alcohol, aniseed and sugar.

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With Colorant
GMO Free
Storage Conditions
Store in a cool dry place.
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Drink responsibly.
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