Haribo Air-Parade Pouch 750g

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Product description

The first Haribo Air-Parade Pouch entering the Travel Retail market! 750 grams of colourful plane-shaped fruit gums in an appealing and eye-catching standing packaging with resealable top to guarantee product freshness and easy consumption - anytime, anywhere. Now with two new flavours!
Base Qty
100 Gram
343 Kilocalorie
Energy (Joule)
1,459 Kilojoule
< 0.5 Gram
Saturated Fatty Acids
0.1 Gram
77 Gram
46 Gram
6.9 Gram
0.07 Gram
Order Amount
750 Gram
Product Length
6 Centimeter
Product Width
16 Centimeter
Product Height
23.5 Centimeter
Net Weight
0.75 Kilogram
Product Series
Haribo Pouch
Storage Conditions
Store away from heat and humidity.