Hendrick's Gin 44% 1.75L

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Product description

Hendrick’s Gin is made with a number of unusual twists to deliver a most curious drinking proposition. First, unlike ordinary gins, Hendrick’s is distilled in Scotland. Hendrick’s also stands out with its infusions of cucumber and rose petals, resulting in a wonderfully refreshing gin that has a delightfully floral aroma.
Net Weight
1.75 kg
Country/Zone of Origin
United Kingdom
With Colorant
Order Amount
0 l
Alcohol by Volume

Nutritional values per 100 ml

1,011 kJ / 242 kcal
0 g
thereof Saturated Fatty Acids
0 g
0.1 g
thereof Sugar
0.1 g
0 g
0 g

Tasting Notes

Nose: Huge, intense nose with an initial burst of crisp zesty botanicals. Harmoniously balanced juniper and coriander and a deep, surprisingly floral aroma of violet and rose. Taste: Smooth and superbly balanced botanicals. Clean and dry without being in any way astringent. The complexity of the nose also comes through in the taste – citrus and juniper with a subtle, lingering finish of cool , refreshing cucumber and rose

Warning Hints

Please drink responsibly. Do not consume if you are pregnant.