Henkell Trocken, dry, white 3x0.2L

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Product description

For decades now this timeless classic has been Germany’s best known sparkling wine brand and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. It is the ideal sparkling wine for casual but stylish celebrations. It's a classic dry, fully matured, elegant sparkling wine with distinctive character and a gentle flowery, vinous bouquet. Henkell - Sparkling since 1856.
Net Weight
0.6 kg
Country/Zone of Origin
With Colorant
Order Amount
0.6 l
Alcohol by Volume
Contains sulphites

Nutritional values per 100 ml

312 kJ / 74 kcal
0.1 g
2.5 g
0.1 g

Tasting Notes

Colour: light yellow with green tinges
Mousseux: fine, long-lasting
Bouquet: pleasant fruit, rich and lively
Taste: fresh, full-bodied, well-balanced
Grape varieties: Cuvée of classic grape varieties cultivated in traditional European wine regions
Production method: Méthode Charmat
Dosage: 24 g/l (dry)
Drinking temperature: 6 - 8 °C

Warning Hints

Drink responsibly