Hibiki Harmony Master's Select 43% 0.7L

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Product description

Hibiki® Japanese Harmony Masters Select™ is an unprecedented exclusive blend that brings to life the harmony of Japanese nature and craftsmanship. With increased subtle sweet sherry notes the result is a delicate harmonious expression that is at once subtle and complex. More than 10 malt and grain whiskies blend together to create a luminous harmony of flavors and aromas.
Base Qty
100 Milliliter
241 Kilocalorie
Energy (Joule)
1,009 Kilojoule
0 Gram
Saturated Fatty Acids
0 Gram
0 Gram
0 Gram
0 Gram
0 Gram
Alcohol by Volume
Country/Zone of Origin
Tasting Notes
Colour: Amber; Nose: Plum, syrup, roses, sweet wood; Palate: Orange marmalade, dark chocolate, a slight bitterness; Finish: Sweetness, subtle spices and wood.
Wine Quality
Premium (12Y and still older)
Order Amount
0.7 Liter
Product Length
10 Centimeter
Product Width
10 Centimeter
Product Height
21 Centimeter
Warning Hints
Drink responsibly.
Net Weight
0.7 Kilogram