Kelsen Riberhus Butter Cookies, 454g

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Product description

The oldest town in Denmark is Ribe, in the South West of Denmark. We have here a tin with 454g of our Danish Butter Cookies, using only the finest ingredients available on the market. The design on the tin are pictures from the small and very beautiful town Ribe, known thoughout Northern Europe for its many beautiful places.
Base Qty
100 Gram
506 Kilocalorie
Energy (Joule)
2,118 Kilojoule
25 Gram
Saturated Fatty Acids
15 Gram
65 Gram
25 Gram
5.5 Gram
0.28 Gram
Contains wheat, milk
Tasting Notes
Butter and vanilla taste
Order Amount
454 Gram
Product Length
18.8 Centimeter
Product Width
19 Centimeter
Product Height
6.2 Centimeter
Warning Hints
May contain traces of egg and nuts.
Net Weight
0.45 Kilogram
Storage Conditions
Store at room temperature.