Laphroaig 25YO Bessie Williams 2019 43% 0.7L

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Product description

A 25-year-old Laphroaig® and a tribute to the life of Bessie Williamson, an icon of Laphroaig®, the first female distillery manager to own and run a Scotch whisky distillery in the 20th century.
The Bessie Williamson Story has been aged for 25 years in refill American oak hogsheads and refill barrels, and bottled at 43% ABV .The larger size of a hogshead allows the liquid’s character to remain prevalent over 25 years of maturation while letting the signature smoky flavour of Laphroaig® shine through.The overall effect is one of lingering warmth and unmistakable Islay character , representing the enduring legacy of Bessie.
Net Weight
0.7 kg
Country/Zone of Origin
United Kingdom
Wine Quality
Premium (12Y and still older)
Order Amount
0.7 l
Product Length
30.2 cm
Product Width
30 cm
Product Height
20 cm
Alcohol by Volume

Nutritional values per 100 ml

1,188 kJ / 284 kcal
0 g
thereof Saturated Fatty Acids
0 g
0 g
thereof Sugar
0 g
0 g
0 g

Tasting Notes

Sweet herbs and spices with black pepper.

Warning Hints

Drink responsibly.

Manufacturer instruction

Storage Conditions
Store in a cool dry place.