Löwengrip The Cure Hair Mask 200 ml

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Product description

Nourishing and regenerating hair mask. Contains shea butter and bamboo extract to repair, regenerate and protect damaged and chemically treated hair. At a pH value of 5.0–5.5, the hair shafts become semi-open, so the formula can penetrate more deeply, providing nourishment by filling up damaged areas and creating a more even surface layer. Sunflower oil retains moisture in the hair while argan oil and apple seed oil provide suppleness, moisture and shine. The result is soft, resilient hair so that any tangles are easy to smooth.
Net Weight
0.2 kg
Order Amount
200 ml
Product Length
9 cm
Product Width
9 cm
Product Height
5.5 cm

Warning Hints

Avoid eye contact. Keep away from direct heat and sunlight.

Manufacturer instruction

Product Series
The Cure