Sigikid, line: Baby, musical clock

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Product description

Babies love music – even long before they are born! A musical toy placed on mummy's tummy calms the unborn baby. Later, after the baby is born, it gently lulls him to sleep in his cot. The musical mechanism can be taken out, via a safety zip on the back, to wash the soft toy or to exchange the melody.

- The soft toy already has a musical mechanism when purchased.

- Playing time: 2.5 minutes
Net Weight
0.17 kg
Product Length
9 cm
Product Width
14.5 cm
Product Height
25 cm

Warning Hints

The musical box can be taken out – please remove before washing. Please also observe the notes on the safety zip fastener. Open saftey zip fastener with bent up paper clip by lifting the lock (picture A), Close the saftey zip fastener by pressing the lock down (picture B). WARNING! The musical box has to be kept out of reach of babies and toddlers and must be reinserted into the toy after washing.

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