Villa Huesgen, Enkircher Steffensberg, Riesling, Kabinett, Mosel, semi-dry, white, 0.75L

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Product description

Villa Huesgen combines regional aspects, modern production techniques and an important sense of family tradition to grow a modern Riesling with an unique character. Villa Huesgen nearly entirely concentrates on Riesling as being the best grape variety for our microclimate on the Mosel.Villa Huesgen uses only advanced production technologies with a cultivation of the grapes by controlled cold fermentation in stainless steel tanks.
Net Weight
0.75 kg
Country/Zone of Origin
Wine Quality
Order Amount
0.75 l
Product Length
7.6 cm
Product Width
7.6 cm
Product Height
33 cm
Alcohol by Volume
Contains Sulfites.

Tasting Notes

This wine is typical for the Mosel taste with its well-balanced acidity, sweetness and minerality. It comes from the well-known vineyards Enkicher Steffensberg. An elegant full-bodied Riesling with clear and complex flavours and a light acidity. Red apple, hints of peaches and citrus fruit as well as fine minerality characterize its round palate with a lingering fruity aftertaste.

Warning Hints

Drink responsibly.