El Coto, Blanco, Rioja, DOCa, dry, white (screw cap)

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Product description

Grapes from Rioja Alta and our Finca Carbonera vineyard, the vineyard at the highest altitude in DOC Rioja (840 m). The grapes are chilled instantly in an inert atmosphere. From that moment, the entire production process is kept at a very low temperature to obtain maximum quality and delicacy of aromas. Upon arrival at the winery, the grapes are protected from any oxidation with a curtain of carbonic gas. This same gas is used for instant chilling of the grapes prior to pressing. This pressing, which is carried out in pneumatic presses, is followed by the process of racking and cleaning of the musts at a very low temperature. Once the musts are cleaned, fermentation is carried out with select yeasts, and at a very low temperature. This encourages the generation of the aromas of white fruit that the wine exhibits.
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0.75 kg
Country/Zone of Origin
Origin of Wine – Still
Spain – Rioja
With Colorant
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Alcohol by Volume
Contains sulphites

Tasting Notes

"In its tasting, the wine is very fresh. Both in nose and on the palate. The aromas of white fruit give way to a palate with a fresh citrus character.
Serving temperature: 7-8ºC (45-47ºF). Very easy to drink and suitable to accompany both seafood and fish on the grill or baked. "

Warning Hints

Drink responsibly.

Manufacturer instruction

Storage Conditions
Store in a cool dry place.