Masi, Mazzano, Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, DOCG, dry, red, 0.75L

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Product description

An elite selection of the most prestigious Amarone wines in Masi history, as made by the Boscaini family. Mazzano: a vineyard in Mazzano in the municipality of Negrar.
Guaranteed ageing potential.

Base Qty
100 Milliliter
113.06 Kilocalorie
Energy (Joule)
473 Kilojoule
0 Gram
0 Gram
0 Gram
Alcohol by Volume
Contains sulphites
Country/Zone of Origin
Tasting Notes
Dark, opaque red with solid weight. Powerful and impressive on the nose with aromas of blackcurrants and blackberries, mingling with hints of wood and cinnamon. Just as powerful on the palate, but never overpowering. Flavours of ripe plums and cherries with attractive hints of vanilla and cloves. Powerful heft, but balanced and graceful at the same time, thanks to a perfect balancing act between acidity and tannins along the gorgeously lengthy finish.
Wine Quality
Order Amount
0.75 Liter
Product Length
8 Centimeter
Product Width
8 Centimeter
Product Height
30.5 Centimeter
Warning Hints
Please drink responsibly
Net Weight
0.75 Kilogram