Sisley Hydra Global Serum 30 ml

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Product description

Hydra-Global serum is the first fundamental daily step in reinforcing the skin's power of auto-hydration. To boost the skin's intensive natural hydration, the serum has 3 unique features: 1. The skin's power of auto-hydration: A powerful hydration booster, it acts on the 3 key stages of the water cycle by using the power of active ingredients from natural origins. 2. The pleasure of a watery texture and an energizing fragrance: A fresh, delicate and light texture that leaves a bare-skin sensation. Instantly absorbed, it allows daily skin care to be applied immediately. Signature of the Hydra-Global range: essential oils of Sage, Lavender and Marjoram naturally fragrance the serum. 3. Numerous possible uses depending on your needs: It is an ideal addition to all skin care products: it completes the care, bringing intense hydration to every level of skin. Non-comedogenic. Oil free.
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Warning Hints

Avoid eye contact. Keep away from direct heat and sunlight.

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Hydra Global Serum