Tony's Mix Pouch 320g

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Product description

Hi there, we're Tony's chocolonely. We exist to end modern slavery and illegal child labor in the chocolate industry. Our vision is 100% slave-free chocolate. Not just our chocolate, but all chocolate worldwide. The more people join us and share our story, the sooner 100% slave-free chocolate becomes the norm. The choice is yours. Are you in? Join us at
Net Weight
0.32 kg
With Colorant
Order Amount
0.32 g
Contains: milk, egg, almonds, hazelnuts, gluten, soy.

Nutritional values per 100 g

2,278 kJ / 545 kcal
34.6 g
thereof Saturated Fatty Acids
20.1 g
48.1 g
thereof Sugar
44.6 g
7.7 g
0.32 g

Warning Hints

May contain: peanut and nuts.

Manufacturer instruction

Storage Conditions
Keep cool, dry and dark, but not in the fridge.