Alcohol & Tobacco

Discover the wide selection of duty free stores at Frankfurt Airport online. Spirits, wine and champagne as well as tobacco products are waiting for you. Pre-order your purchase now and pick it up before your flight.

Alcohol & Tobacco

Exclusive Travel Editions

In the Duty Free Stores at Frankfurt Airport, we carry a huge assortment of Travel Editions, which are exclusively available for the travel market. They come in special sizes ranging from small shots for on-the-go to 3 liter bottles that will turn your home bar into a real eye-catcher. That's where the bargain size advantage comes in.
We also carry limited editions, such as our Jägermeister Twin Pack with 2 free glasses.

Aperitif & digestif - before and after dinner

Every dinner party begins with an aperitif: A rather light and fresh drink is served to set the mood for the delicacies to come. The aperitif is particularly widespread in Italy and France. It is intended to welcome guests, stimulate the appetite, and open the stomach. It is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Classic aperitifs are Martini Dry, Manhattan or Aperol - in the most diverse variations.
A rich meal, on the other hand, is followed by the digestif: As the counterpart of the aperitif, it is supposed to help close the stomach and stimulate digestion. Although this effect of alcohol has not yet been scientifically proven, the bitter substances it contains seem to simplify the pre-digestion of food. Usually wine and brandy, clear spirits such as wodka or liqueurs are served - but there are no limits to the imagination when it comes to digestifs.

Wine & Champagne - the perfect match for your favorite meal

Red, white or rosé? A good wine completes a delicious meal. The focus is often on harmony with the meal - like a strong red wine with an intense meat dish. But a deliberate contrast between wine and food also creates an intense taste experience.  
Champagne sets completely different accents: its carbonic acid gives the meal a very special freshness, e.g. with a typical summer dish.

Gin, wodka, rum and co. - the perfect basis for cocktails and long drinks

Gin and tonic, Cuba Libre or Moscow Mule? Whether you prefer a cocktail or a long drink - a variant of the cocktail with usually only two ingredients - we have the alcoholic base for all your mixed drinks. Discover our huge range of gin with its characteristic flavors, the more neutralizing wodka and intense rum from around the world.

Simply pure: enjoy whisky, cognac and brandy

Whisky, brandy and cognac are particularly good to enjoy neat. They differ in their basic ingredients: While whiskey and whisky are made from grain, brandy and cognac are derived from wine. Brandy may be distilled from any type of wine, while Cognac is only distilled from white wines from the French town of Cognac and the surrounding wine-growing region.